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Peppe Consolmagno - voice, percussion, live sample

 1.  Lion Heart   (4.49) - Mp3  (1.06kb)

      (hang, voice, delay)

 2.  Segredo da Noite  (5.10) -  Mp3 (535kb)

      (voice, shell, conga, ferry boat, live sample)

 3.  Baurimbé  (8.25)  - Mp3  (676kb)

      (berimbau, voice)

  4.  Xarà  ( 2.42)  - Mp3  (507kb)

      (voice, one note flutes)

  5.  Manaus  (8.08)  - Mp3  (1.438)

       (burman gong, voice, symbols, live sample)

  6.  Encontro das Aguas (8.46) - Mp3  (817kb)

      (shell, cing, water, symbols, water gourds,

     dumbek, live sample, voice)

  7.  Picolè  (2.49)  - Mp3  (524kb)

      (kalimba, voice)

 8.  Lua  (5.57)  - Mp3 (1.436kb)

       (cymbals, voice, symbols)

  9.  A Criativitade è uma dança (3.20) - Mp3 (962kb)

       (udu, voice)

10. A minha Carlotta  (3.27) - Mp3  (970kb)

      (caxixi, voice, delay)

11. Uekke, Uekke  (2.24) - Mp3  (1.034kb)

      (udu, brush, voice, harmonizer, live sample)


 Total time: 55.57




All compositions by Giuseppe Consolmagno

Digitally Recorded live direct two-tracks at Mediterraneo e Dintorni Festival in Sulmona (AQ) Italy - September 6, 1999 except Lion Heart (1) and Uekke, Uekke (11) recorded at L’Officina Psicoacustica Galliano (Fi) Italy February 21, 2003. 

Engineer: Peter Kauffmann, Nicola Cavina & Riccardo Innocenti 

Mastered: Nicola Cavina. 

Cover design: Francesca Ciaroni & Peppe Consolmagno. 

Photography: Elio Guidi, Alessandro Ugolini, Toni Luca, Tononi, Gianfranco Rota, Paola Parri, Peppe Consolmagno. 

This album is dedicated to Leonardo, Maria and Carlotta. 

Special thanks: to Nature, Creativeness and Life. 

Produced by: Cajù Records  & DNA s.r.l. 

 CAJU' 4558-2 – © 2005  Cajù Records, Italy



Cd Timbri dal Mondo, cover


Cd Timbri dal Mondo, back


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Peppe with clothes-tongs, photo by E.Guidi, used for Lion Heart' track




Peppe Consolmagno’s first CD as a soloist.  “Timbri dal Mondo” is the result of the recording of two tracks of his concert at the Festival Mediterraneo and roundabout Sulmona in 1999.  Only two tracks were recorded in a studio in 2003, maintaining however a live-like structure in accordance with the rest of the CD and the ways with which these compositions are performed live. The live recording on two tracks has the advantage, albeit within its limits, of letting the listener experience a unique and unrepeatable moment, without tricks or deceptions.  Peppe Consolmagno’s music allows one to enter into a creative sound area and suggests images related to childhood, landscapes and imaginative visions.  The starting point in his compositions is to first let the instruments “speak”  and then “converse” with them.  Peppe has always been marked for limpid sound and the strong research of timbre.  During his solo performance he uses, together with the percussion instruments made by him and his voice, echoes and loop all created live without the use of pre-recorded backgrounds.  For this reason every concert is a new experience.  The tracks Manaus , Segredo da Notte, Uekke, Uekke for example emphasize this philosophy.  Lua merits a special mention because of its uniqueness.  In this composition Peppe uses numerous cymbals of various dimensions, placed in the shape of a tree.  Everything is based on the exultation and the following on of the harmonics of each cymbal which, together with the voice and staying with ones eyes closed, give the impression of listening to a keyboard.  The CD “Timbri dal Mondo” contains a handy leaflet on which every track is described briefly together with a splendid photo.  “Timbri dal Mondo” has been published by Cajù Records, cat. no. 4558-2.




  For further information, please contact: (Giuseppe) PEPPE CONSOLMAGNO
Strada Serre, 7 - 61010 TAVULLIA (PU), Italy, Tel/Fax: 0039 0721 476230 - Cell. 0039 3388650981 - e-mail:


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