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Peppe Consolmagno - voice, percussion, live sample



Peppèe Consolmgao - photo by Mauro Cicchetti




Peppe Consolmagno - photo by Elio Guidi

The carpet on which he allocates his instruments looks like a mill of rhythm and dreams, a space freed form the cacophony of modern existence devoted to the pleasure of sound. Peppe Consolmagno builds sounding objects for himself and for Nana Vasconcelos one of his many appreciators. Most objects are built using  materials recovered from his worldwide tripss; others are imagined combining his voice to the symphonia of timbres and colours that originate from this unique orchestra made of one person. Large sahelian cucurbits converted  into water drums, a burman gong, the lapping of a caxixi, singing African terracotta pots, clanging of sanza, pygmy flutes and many more. Some instruments are borrowed from the most heterogeneuos traditions as from South America ,Africa, Asia and imaginary regions, and others are totally invented or re-invented by him. Esteemed musicologist, brilliant animator of seminars and workshops, Peppe Consolmagno builds his performances as short tales in a delightful magical dimension. (Marco Boccitto - Rome)


The CONCERT  Solo Performance  -  "ANIME SONORE"  is a short-story developing into nine pieces, all composed by Giuseppe Consolmagno, lasting about one hour and 30 minutes. During one-time play are employed the voice - used as instrument and song - and percussion instruments - melodic and of timbre - largely self-made. ANME SONORE  is meeting with success both in the presence of a little audience (50 people) and with a bigger audience (1500 people) even if the listening requires intimate approach, based on attention and silence. 

Peppe Consolmagno's music lets the audience to enter a creative sounding area and suggests images bound to childhood, landscapes, fantastic visions. The starting point in his compositions is first to let instruments "speak", and afterwards "talk" with them.  Peppe Consolmagno - photo by Riccardo Gravagna


 It is advisable the linking with Seminar/Workshop "From Africa to Brazil, a sound journey through extraeuropean music"® called not at random: "SPEAKING INSTRUMENTS, SINGING WORDS"®. It has to be considered like a musical itinerary based on breathing, voice, body, instruments, sound, timbre and rhythm. Lasting one or three days, it aims at developing the interest towards extraeuropean music, its instruments, materials with which they are made, their language.    


 Peppe Consolmgano - photo by Francesco Marzulli



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Cd Timbri dal Mondo, cover





Recorded live direct two tracks - Cajù Records, new realise 2005


1. Lion Heart  (G.Consolmagno) - MP3 1.066 kb

2. Segredo da noite  (G.Consolmagno) - MP3 535 kb

3. Baurimbé  (G.Consolmagno) - MP3 676 kb

4. Xarà  (G.Consolmagno) - MP3 507 kb 
5. Encontro das aguas (G.Consolmagno)  - MP3 817 kb

6. Uekke, Uekke  (G.Consolmagno) - MP3 1.034 kb


Cd Timbri dal Mondo, back

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