Vasconcelos - Salis - Consolmagno



Nana Vasconcelos - percussion, voice

Antonello Salis - piano, accordion, voice

Peppe Consolmagno - percussion, voice, live sample



 1.   O Berimbau   (Nana Vasconcelos)  8.05  

         berimbau, voice

 2.  Vamos pra Selva  (Nana Vasconcelos)   6.00   

         gong, voice, symbols 

      Lion Heart  (Giuseppe Consolmagno)  7.32    -  Mp3 - 1.134 kb

         hang, voice, accordion, talking drum

 3.  Vinho branco  ( Antonello Salis)  4.26  


      Lester  ( Antonello Salis - Blue Citron)  4.01   -  Mp3 - 1.138 kb 

         piano, claps, vioce, udu, brush, cymbals

 4.  Uekke-Uekke (Giuseppe Consolmagno)  1.59 

         udu, brush, harmonizer, talking drum

      Nogales  ( Antonello Salis -Label Blue/Tasinato Ed.)  5.45    Mp3 - 890 kb 

         piano, talking drum, voice, peco-peco)

 5.  Lua  (Giuseppe Consolmagno)  6.47  

         cymbals, voice, symbols

      Caribbean Dreams ( Antonello Salis -Irec Srl/SIAE)  6.11   -  Mp3 - 1.014 kb

      accordion,  baticum, caxixi

 6 Vinho tinto  ( Antonello Salis)  4.03  


       Manaus (Giuseppe Consolmagno)  5.33  

        burman gong, voice, symbols, live sample, piano

 7.  Loro (Egberto Gismonti)  7.05   -  Mp3 - 954 kb

       accordion, double udu, caxixi


 Tempo totale: 67.27



Digitally Recorded live direct two-tracks at Fandango Jazz Festival Rome,

Italy - July 14, 2004

Engineer: Peter Kauffmann 

Digital post production:  Marco Facondini, TanAcoustics Studio 

24-Bit Digitally Remastered

Cover design: Francesca Ciaroni

Photography: Nathalie Matteucci, Victoria Lourdes Baltodano.

This album is dedicated to Luz Morena , Lester and Leonardo.

Special thanks: to Nature, Creativeness and Life. 

Produced by: Cajù Records and DNA s.r.l.

 CAJU' 4558-5 – © 2005  Cajù Records, Italy




Cd Vasconcelos, Salis, Consolmagno, cover


Cd Vasconcelos, Salis, Consolmagno, ba


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Tio at Fandango Jazz Festival







At the moment the last CD of the series and prized piece of this small record label.  Even this work is the result of the digital registration on two tracks of the concert of Nana Vasconcelos, Antonello Salis and Peppe Consolmagno held in Rome at Fandango Jazz Festival – La Palma – on 15th July 2004.  Antonello salis, Nana Vasconcelos, Peppe Consolmagno - photo by Victoria Lourdes BaltodanoThe characteristic of this CD is the fact that it seals the first meeting and, above all, the first concert of the trio.  Nana and Antonello had already performed together twenty years ago but with Peppe it was the first time, at least for Antonello.  It is fascinating to know that they only met the day before the concert: just time to say hello and go to the Rai to take part in the broadcast Stanza della Musica of Rai Radio tre Suite.  The next day, in only one and half hours, they managed to prepare the evening programme.  Very little time available but the ability of the three musicians, comforted by “knowing how to live hand to mouth” as Salis puts it, made it possible to participate in a memorable evening and have the possibility today of listening to that moment thanks to this CD.  The music is beautiful, the performance is good, the sounds are good, to which is added Marco Facondini’s knowledgeable work of digital post-production  (TanAcoustics Studio). The trio Vasconcelos, Salis and Consolmagno is based on ductility, on musical creativity and naturalness, through which the three musicians form every fragment of their experiences and musical influences.  A particularly intriguing meeting, between composition and improvisation, tradition and mo dernity.  







For further information, please contact: (Giuseppe) PEPPE CONSOLMAGNO
Strada Serre, 7 - 61010 TAVULLIA (PU), Italy, Tel/Fax: 0039 0721 476230 - Cell. 0039 338 8650981 - e-mail:


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