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Giovannimaria Perrucci 

Peppe Consolmagno


Giovannimaria Perrucci - organ

Peppe Consolmagno - percussion, voice




Giovannimaria Perrucci



Peppe Consolmagno - Foto di Riccardo Gravagna





The Elizabethan England is surely one of the most fascinating periods of the European cultural history. A time of Shakespearian and Marlowe theatre, but also of incredible music such as that those put together in the “Fitzwilliam virginial book” that contains also operas by Gibbons, Byrd, Farnaby, Bull. Fascinating music of great charm and character, these types of compositions are characterized by refined contrapuntist material and at the same time by an extraordinary melodic vitality, particularly shown in compositions based on popular themes. The idea of the concert is to combine the rigour of the musical scriptures of the so called “ English Virginilists “ with the spontaneity and extemporariness  - typical of the Elizabethan theatre, inspired by William kemp, actor, clown, musician and dancer of the most important Shakespearian operas. To accomplish this difficult balance the idea has been to look not just to the philological recovery of the probable timbrical combinations of that time, but rather the experimental sounds of Peppe Consolmagno that intervene freely with his ethnical instruments thanks to his musicological research done in South America, Africa, and Asia, and with the voice.




Video/Audio: "Rondo"


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Members: N. 3 (2 musicians, 1 tour manager)




For further information, please contact: (Giuseppe) PEPPE CONSOLMAGNO
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