Massimo Barbiero - marimba, percussion
Matteo Cigna - vibes, percussion
Andrea Stracuzzi - percussion
Alex Quagliotti / Stefano Bertoli - drum, percussion

Peppe Consolmagno - voice, percussion / Lamine Sow - djembè


CD Kratos e Bia

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"Kratos e Bia" is the new Odwalla's cd feat. Billy Cobham, Doussou Tourrè and Peppe      

Consolmagno. Recorded on saturday 2nd and sunday 3rd march 2002 at the XXII Euro Jazz Festival, into the Giocosa Theatre of  IVREA (TO) Italy. "Kratos e Bia" contains seven tracks for 52 minutes of  music. It is for Splasc(H) records, world series catalog.


1. Per Emanuela   (M.Barbiero) - MP3  976 kb

2. Cumana  (M.Barbiero)  - MP3 1.164  kb

3. Cerbero  (M.Barbiero)  - MP3  634 kb

4. La Bella e la bestia  - feat.Billy Cobham   (M.Barbiero)  - MP3 1.418 kb


foto di Luciano Rossetti Odwalla con Peppe Consolmagno

Born in January '89 from a project by Massimo Barbiero, ODWALLA is a group based solely on percussion instruments. An ensemble endowed with the great musical force and charm of the wide range of instruments employed, Odwalla follows a path of musical research that takes into consideration many musical forms, from Jazz to African music, but also to the Dance and contemporary music, the balance between improvisation and written parts being the most important issue of the project. The group has recorded 5 CDs that have been reviewed by several jazz magazines (Italy, Great Britain, USA, France...), awakening the interest of the critics. Through the years, ODWALLA has performed many times in clubs and theatres, during festivals and concert seasons in Italy and Europe playing with special guests such as Mino Cinelu,  Callixto Oviedo, Peppe Consolmagno, Doussou Tourrè, Lamine Sow and Billy Cobham

PEPPE CONSOLMAGNO and LAMINE SOW  take part in ODWALLA whether in integral or soloistic way.


Lamine Sow

Peppe Consolmagno photo by Tanoni

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Members: n.6 musicians


For further information, please contact:

(Giuseppe) PEPPE CONSOLMAGNO - Strada Serre, 7 - 61010 Tavullia (PU) Italia
Tel/Fax: (+39) 0721 476230 e-mail:

MASSIMO BARBIERO - Via del Forno, 9 - 10015 Ivrea (TO) Italia
Tel: (+39) 0125 40450, e-mail: 

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