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"Ishk Bashad" 

Giuseppe Grifeo - piano
Mouna Amari - voice, oud 
Enzo Rao - violin
Peppe Consolmagno - voice, percussion






Recorded live direct two tracks at Womad Festival at Palermo, August 19th 2001 - Cajù Records,  2005


1. Samarra  (Giuseppe Grifeo) - MP3 1.018 kb
2. Ya qalbi khalli elhal  (Mohamed Elkourd arr. G.Grifeo) - MP3 1.190 kb
3. Zinkolah  (Mahmadou Bahiri) - MP3 1.484 kb
4. La ballata del vento caldo  (Giuseppe Grifeo) - MP3 886 kb


Cd Ishk Bashad live at Womad 2001, cover

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Photo: Gianluca Avella
Giuseppe Grifeo
The musical ensemble, Ishk Bashad, composed of musicians from geographical areas and musical backgrounds apparently very distant from one another, was created because of a mutual desire to build a virtual musical bridge between different countries around the world and to use music as an instrument for peace.
The members of the group are Mouna Amari, a  tunisian musician, Peppe Consolmagno, percussionist, Enzo Rao, violinist and Giuseppe Grifeo, pianist. The encounter between the 'prince' of Arabian music, the oud, and the prince of western music, the piano, are connected and encircled percussive sounds from different regions and by violin. "Ishk Bashad" sets out on a musical journey toward cultures and traditions which are highly distinct yet profoundly united in some way creates a new dimension in an unusual and very unique concert. Ishk Bashad gained a great success at the latest Womad festival of Peter Gabriel. Photo: Alessandro Botticelli Amari Mouna
Photo: Elio Guidi
Peppe Consolmagno
In short, this is an excellent example of the meeting and the mixture between creative jazz, Mediterranean and Arabian music.


Photo: Maurizio Castiglia
Enzo Rao

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Members: N. 5 (4 musicians, 1 engineer) 


For further information, please contact: (Giuseppe) PEPPE CONSOLMAGNO
Strada Serre, 7 - 61010 TAVULLIA (PU) I, Tel/Fax: +39 0721 476230, e-mail:

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