"Grifeo & Consolmagno"
"Sounds from other World"

Giuseppe Grifeo - piano, voice
Peppe Consolmagno - voice, percussion, live sample




Giuseppe Grifeo
photo by Alessandro Ugolini

Peppe Consolmagno
photo by Alessandro Ugolini


Recorded Live direct two tracks at Teatro dei Concordi, Campiglia Marittima (LI) Italy - febbruary 7th 2003


1. Lion Heart  (G.Consolmagno) - MP3 1.014 kb
2. Encontro das Aguas  (G.Consolmagno) -
MP3 759 kb
3. Uekke, Uekke  (G.Consolmagno) -
MP3 1.095 kb





The music of the duo formed by the percussionist Peppe Consolmagno and the pianist Giuseppe Grifeo creates a very special dimension in which not only the percussions, piano and voices interact but are able to find a place of their own on stage thus creating a synergy between music and scenes.

The sound of the percussions, some of which invented and masterly created by Peppe Consolmagno himself, mingle and mix with the piano’s rhythmic force.

At the same time the piano melodies and harmonic constructions somehow unite all these sounds generating extremely evocative atmospheres and, at times, absolutely magical ones.

The voices of these two musicians give some songs a very peculiar atmosphere. These are voices that take us from Africa to Brasil by way of the Bering Straits, to the Arab world, to the Japanese Shintoist songs to the screams of vendors in Sicilian marketplaces. Everything reminds us of how surprising and unpredictable the resonant possibilities of the human voice can be.

The spectator will be wrapped up in the sonorities of what is considered the prince of instruments of the classic western tradition, the piano, and in those produced by the percussions and vocals: sounds from other worlds created in other ways.

Music by Giuseppe Grifeo and Peppe Consolmagno

Together they take part in ensemble ISHK BASHAD which gained a great success at the 2001 Womad Festival of Peter Gabriel.



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Members: N. 3 (2 musicians, 1 engineer)


For further information,  please contact: (Giuseppe) PEPPE CONSOLMAGNO
Strada Serre, 7 - 61010 TAVULLIA (PU) I, Tel/Fax: +39 0721 476230, e-mail:

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