Consolmagno & Marangolo



Peppe Consolmagno - voice, percussion, live sample
Antonio Marangolo -  tenor sax, baflaphone, harmonizer  

1.   Manaus *   (4.55)   - Mp3  (996 kb) 

      (burma gong, voice, symbols, baflaphone, tenor sax)

2.  Klee **   (4.08)    - Mp3  (805 kb)

      (tenor sax, harmonizer, 'ndehou, voice, caxixi)

3.  Encontro das aguas *  (5.53)  - Mp3  (734kb)

      (shell, cymbals, symbols, water gourd, voice, baflaphone)  

4.  Kobaltus  **  ( 4.19)   - Mp3  (1.130kb) 

      (tenor sax, zumbidor, cing)

5.  Kalungumachine **  (7.11)  -  Mp3  (1.255 kb) 

      (tenor sax,  harmonizer, talking drum, caxixi)

6.  Lua *  (4.04) Mp3  (1.142 kb) 

      (cymbals, voice, symbols, harmonizer)

7.  Lembranças do Nordest (3.11)    -  Mp3  (1.021 kb) 
      (dumbek, tenor sax)

8.  A Criativitade è uma dança *  (3. 21)  - Mp3   (447 kb) 

      (udu, voice, baflaphone)


 Total Time: 37.29


* Compositions by Giuseppe Consolmagno

** Compositions by Antonio Marangolo and Giuseppe Consolmagno




Recorded May 1994

Bayer Studio, Mordano (BO), Italy

Engineer: Alessandro Scala

Cover: Peppe Consolmagno & Francesca Ciaroni

Photos: Alessandro Ruzzier, Elio Guidi, Michele Sereni, Tiziano Barbieri

Produced: Cajù Records

 CAJU' 4558-3 – © 2005  Cajù Records, Italy




CD Kalungumachine cover

Cd Kalungumachine back


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Kalungumachine” is the CD by Peppe Consolmagno and Antonio Marangolo, already published in 1994 under the label Iktius. For its tenth anniversary it has been reprinted by Cajù Records, catalogue number 4558-3. The photo on the front cover reproduces an Amazon dawn; the one on the back “Encontro das agues” the confluence of the two rivers that form the river Amazon.  The photos were taken by Peppe Consolmagno in 1985. This CD is the result of only three afternoons spent in Bayer Studio in Mordano in the province of Bologna , in a pleasant and professional atmosphere.  Two musicians Peppe and Antonio in perfect harmony and willing to find a meeting point.



 The sonic exploration carried out by Peppe Consolmagno and Antonio Marangolo is extremely sophisticated. They manage to reveal the deepest expressive     

 possibilities of each instrument they play, creating soundscapes that let listeners discover the aural universe that flows within and without each of us". 

 Stefania De Salvador







  Per informazioni, contattare: (Giuseppe) PEPPE CONSOLMAGNO
Strada Serre, 7 - 61010 TAVULLIA (PU), Tel/Fax: 0721 476230 - Cell. 0039 3388650981 - e-mail:


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