Giuseppe Grifeo - piano, voice

  Mouna Amari -voice, oud

  Enzo Rao - violin

  Peppe Consolmagno - voice, percussion



 1.  Che vi sia pace  (Giuseppe Grifeo)  (2.01) - MP3 502 kb
 2.  Samarra  (Giuseppe Grifeo)  (6.49) - MP3 1.018 kb

 3.  Ya qalbi khalli elhal  (Mohammed Elkourd) (8.38) - MP3 1.190 kb
 4.  Zinkolah   (Mahmadou Bahiri) (8.41) - MP3 1.484 kb

 5.  Gianub  (Mouna Amari)  (5.28) - MP3 504 kb

 6.  Dervish  (Giuseppe Grifeo)  (8.28) - MP3 1.172 kb


      Total time: 40.08 



Digitally Recorded live direct two-tracks at Womad Festival in Palermo

Italy - August 19, 2001

All arrangiaments by Giuseppe Grifeo

Engineer: Peter Kauffmann, Francesco De Magistris - Digi Wawe Palermo

Mastered: Nicola Cavina

Cover design: Francesca Ciaroni  

Photography: Alessandro Botticelli, Gianluca Avella, Elio Guidi Maurizio Castiglia

Special thanks: Francesco De Magistris 

Produced by: Cajù Records & DNA S.r.l.  

 CAJU' 4558-4 – © 2005  Cajù Records, Italy




Cd Ishk Bashad, cover


Cd Ishk Bashad, back


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                      2001 Womad Festival                                                      



ISHK BASHAD is one of the many forms of greeting used among some Sufi brotherhoods, the religious mystics of Islam.  It’s a greeting of peace and love.  The idea of forming a small ensemble that could unite musicians coming from different geographical areas (the Tunisian singer Mouna Amari, the Sicilians Enzo Rao and Giuseppe Grifeo and the percussionist Peppe Consolmagno whose musical bent starts from Brazil arriving in Africa, passing through the sounds of the world) was born both from the desire to build a virtual bridge between different and apparently distant musical experiences and from the common wish of the four musicians to translate into music the idea of peace and love expressed by the concept of Ishk Bashad.  Through joining the sultan of Arabic music, the oud, and the king of western music, the piano, wisely uniting the sounds of percussion and those of violin, Ishk Bashad embarks on a journey of distant cultures and musical traditions but that are bound by a profound oneness in a particular and unique dimension.  Most of the music presented in the CD, recorded live at the Festival Womad in August 2001 in Palermo , was composed by the pianist Giuseppe Grifeo.  The other tracks, rare compositions of Arab musicians and of George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff  were arranged by the pianist and interpreted by the group. 



This CD was recorded live on two tracks at the prestigious Festival Womad organised by Peter Gabriel and held in Palermo in 2001.  The group Ishk Bashad were in top form as is shown by this CD, about 45 minutes of music without over recording or particular manipulation.  The oud of Mouna Amari blended in softly but side by side with the sinuous and magical sounds of Rao’s violin, while the sounds of Consolmagno’s ethereal but accurate percussions joined those of Grifeo’s piano (even if it was digital) which brought it all together splendidly.  



     Beppe Grifeo                                                                                   Mouna Amari                                                              Peppe Consolmagno                                                    Enzo rao





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